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A Journal of the University of the Nations.

Welcome to our third issue!

Glocal Conversations was launched to promote biblically-informed dialogue between academics and practitioners in the task of international development. We aim to encourage dialogue that is locally anchored but globally aware.

A Word From the Editor:

As the Guest Editorial (below) details, the first two articles of this special issue of Glocal Conversations take a particular look at how Measurement in Missions has been affected by postmodernism, and by the advance of technology. The final two articles look at ongoing issues of concern, the church and multiculturalism, and the persona of charismatic versus transformational leaders. We trust you will enjoy the Guest Editorial, and the letter to the editor that keeps the conversation going from our last issue. With warm regards,

Glenn Martin

Managing Editor

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Guest Editorial PDF


The Art of Counting: the Impact of Postmodernity on Missions Statistics PDF
Todd M. Johnson 4-13
Reaching All and Every: 4K Mapping Strategies PDF
Jill Thornton 14-25
The Church and Multiculturalism: the Role of Immigrant Churches in Amsterdam PDF
James K. Mellis, Harley C. Schreck 26-42
The Persona of Charismatic versus Transformational Leaders PDF
Mary Miller 43-58
Letter to the Editor PDF
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