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Interpretation of the Great Commission in Latvia: An Analysis of Lutheran and Baptist Documents

Kristina Ece
University of the Nations

Kristina Ece is from Latvia. She has a passion for learning and teaching. Kristina has a BA degree in Christian Ministry from the University of the Nations and a MA degree in missiology from the University of Manchester. She is a lecturer at UofN College of Christian Ministry courses on the Bible, discipleship and worldviews. Kristina teaches in Latvia and other countries, as well as at Latvian Biblical Centre and Baltic Pastoral Institute.


This paper explores how the understanding of the passage of Matthew 28:18-20 (Great Commission) has defined the understanding of mission work in Lutheran and Baptist churches in Latvia since the nation's independence in 1990. Like in other former Soviet bloc countries, the church in Latvia has been in a process of discovery of mission. Consideration of the Latvian story could give insight and keys for how missions could be developed in other countries that share a similar past.


Latvia; Lutheran; Baptist; Soviet-bloc; missions;

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ISSN: 2296-7176