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This section contains various manuscripts, articles, theses, and dissertations of possible interest to readers of this journal. Content is in some cases about Youth With A Mission (YWAM) or written by a member of YWAM, and in other cases not. In some cases we can make these materials available for free download here, while in other cases we can only provide a link to where they are stored elsewhere.

Please understand that our selection of these files does not indicate that the editorial staff necessarily agrees with or endorses the positions represented by the authors, but that we consider that their positions at least need to be heard.

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Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

The first two articles of this special issue of Glocal Conversations take a particular look at how measurement in missions has been affected by postmodernism and the advance of technology. The final two articles look at ongoing issues of concern, the church and multiculturalism, and the persona of charismatic versus transformational leaders. We trust you will enjoy the guest editorial, and the letter to the editor that keeps the conversation going from our last issue.



Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

A few words about the content of this first issue.  We decided to organize the Table of Contents according to the author’s last name, in alphabetical order.  This happens to mean that the first two articles touch the subject of using entertainment media for prosocial messages.  The potential for nation-shaping here is phenomenal.  We are grateful to be able to strike this note in our first issue.  The final three articles share a common theme, the sphere of law and civil government.  The first addresses good government as being the will of God for the advancement of the Great Commission.  The second argues for the legitimacy of the modern state and our engagement in it.  The third takes a look back at the roots of English common law and the influence of the Bible.  Click on any article name, its pdf link, or the Editorial for more information.  Welcome!

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