Reaching All and Every: 4K Mapping Strategies

  • University of the Nations, Kona Campus


This paper details the vision and grid of the 4K Mapping Project, a geo-statistical framework designed with the primary purpose of answering the missiological questions, “How do we reach every last sheep? Where do we go?” The paper presents the 4K Mapping framework as a standard for measurement in missions and, when understood and utilized, as a tool to bring more organizational strategy to the global Body of Christ. The paper discusses the key concepts of 4K, the taxonomy of Omega Zones, the increasing demand for and use of the 4K Mapping framework, and the ways in which the 4K tool brings old and new strategies together. In brief, the article underscores the importance of infusing intentional geographic strategy into modern-day missions activity.
Feb 17, 2016
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mapping; 4K; missions; geo-statistical; strategy;

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