Politics, Evangelism, and the Global Impact of Pursuing Domestic Tranquility


  • Matthew Mihelic


When debating social issues it is often said in Christian circles, that “Jesus was not political.” As those called to live as “citizens of heaven,” Christians frequently question the significance of earthly governments. Churches have historically stepped on both sides of what is thought to be this fine line by choosing to either focus on influencing political issues or to stay indifferent and disengaged. This article argues that good government is the will of God, for the sake of the preaching of the Gospel. The Church has often grown in the face of persecution, but even in the midst of persecution the Apostle Paul instructed believers to pray for good government. The article looks at the original Greek of the Apostle Paul's words in I Tim 2:1-4, as well as using examples from history and across the global spectrum to review the relationship between Church and State as it relates to the advance of the Great Commission.




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