• Glocal Conversations: Four Snapshots of Business as Mission
    Vol 7 No 1 (2019)

    Jesus said you cannot serve both God and money. Can missions and business get along in the Great Commission? This issue's four snapshots of Business as Mission (BAM) answer in the affirmation - with caution. Yes, . . . but. The caution is timely, based as it is on the mixed bag of business as mission in 19th century Hawaii - as we approach the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the missionary band at Kona in March 1820.

    This collection of articles was brought together by guest editor Mary Miller. Together with her husband Paul, Mary has had extensive involvement in BAM on multiple continents. This issue includes a guest editorial, an encouraging report from entrepreneurial training in India and Africa, a case study from Latvia on how a fruitful BAM initiative evolved there, and a two-part summary of historical research drawing cautionary lessons from missionaries who engaged in business in 19th century Hawaii. 

    The editorial team thanks Mary Miller for her work as guest editor, and each of the authors for their work in bringing this to publication. Business as Mission is a powerful strategy - that carries risk. In Paul Miller's words in his second article herein, BAM "has a two-edged quality: it can bring blessing and wholeness to a nation, but it can also bring hurt." Each of these articles points to specific elements to attend to, so that we may, quoting Miller again "bless others through our business, even as our God has blessed us."

  • Glocal Conversations: Learning from History: Missional Community, Institutionality — and The Benedict Option
    Vol 6 No 1 (2018)

    A movement that aspires to multigenerational missional impact must know how to reflect on and learn from the past, even as it innovatively pursues relevant expression of the next thing God is doing. In this issue YWAM leaders with decades of experience consider lessons for YWAM from Benedictine monasticism, in their reviews of Rod Dreher's bestseller The Benedict Option. Meanwhile the lead article by John Mraz considers the importance of recording our own history in University of the Nations' records system. As U of N co-founder Howard Malmstadt often said, "No records, no university." Mraz's article investigates a gap in U of N records in South Asia, and makes recommendations toward the future. 

  • Glocal Conversations: Formation and Discipleship in Youth With A Mission
    Vol 5 No 1 (2017)

    This issue addresses spiritual formation, discipleship, and leadership development in Youth With A Mission. All six articles are edited versions of research recently completed in master's programs in University of the Nations. Authors welcome additional dialogue by email. These articles bring tremendous global breadth to this issue, with author nationalities and context of field research representing every continent except Antarctica.

  • Glocal Conversations: Learning from the Past, Living the Legacy
    Vol 4 No 1 (2016)

    This issue explores lessons to be learned from the past for effective forward engagement. Global in implication, the first two articles consider the missions involvement of the 9th century Church of the East, and the understanding of the Great Commission in the 20th century Latvian Church. The final two articles draw on the one hand leadership principles from Jesus' leadership selection example, and on the other hand keys for the creation of multi-generational family legacies. How will we effectively pay forward what we have received? These articles point us in the right direction.

  • Glocal Conversations: Measurement in Missions
    Vol 3 No 1 (2015)

    The first two articles of this special issue of Glocal Conversations take a particular look at how measurement in missions has been affected by postmodernism and the advance of technology. The final two articles look at ongoing issues of concern, the church and multiculturalism, and the persona of charismatic versus transformational leaders. We trust you will enjoy the guest editorial, and the letter to the editor that keeps the conversation going from our last issue.

  • Glocal Conversations: Considering the Destiny of the Unevangelized
    Vol 2 No 1 (2014)

    Inclusivm, exclusivism, pluralism - what are we to make of the question "What happens to those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" This issue explores the subject via a dialogue between the author of the lead article, Paul Miller, and three respondents. Miller does get the last word, responding to their papers.

  • Glocal Conversations Inaugural Issue
    Vol 1 No 1 (2013)

    A few words about the content of this first issue.  We decided to organize the Table of Contents according to the author’s last name, in alphabetical order.  This happens to mean that the first two articles touch the subject of using entertainment media for prosocial messages.  The potential for nation-shaping here is phenomenal.  We are grateful to be able to strike this note in our first issue.  The final three articles share a common theme, the sphere of law and civil government.  The first addresses good government as being the will of God for the advancement of the Great Commission.  The second argues for the legitimacy of the modern state and our engagement in it.  The third takes a look back at the roots of English common law and the influence of the Bible.  Click on any article name, its pdf link, or the Editorial for more information.  Welcome!

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